You will find a host of information about our organization. We hope you enjoy your visit and hope to see you at one of our meetings or events!

  • The Volusia County Orchid Society, a non-profit organization was formed in 1989.
  • Our membership consists of residents from Volusia County and other counties in East Central Florida.
  • We are an affiliate of the American Orchid Society Inc.
  • Our goal and objective is educating the public about Orchids and their care through programs and culture classes.
  • Throughout the years we have been involved in many community activities forming lasting relationships with other plant / agricultural organizations and projects.
  • The Volusia County Orchid Society is committed to the education and welfare of our youth. We provide workshops and partner on special projects involving pre school through college age students.
  • We offer an annual Scholarship to an individual continuing their education in several areas of horticulture / agriculture.
  • An Orchid Show and Expo is produced annually in May on Mother’s Day weekend.
  • A public Orchid Auction is produced annually.